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Welcome to   Durian Lovers Club
Durian Lovers Club  is created to promote durian consumption. We have make it possible for our members to earn free Durians for life. We hope to share the unique taste of different durians from different parts of South east Asia. If you cannot come to the durian farms across South East Asia to enjoy these durians, we will bring it to you through our "All You Can Eat Durian Festivals" in a town near you. We will organize these festivals as frequent as possible during the Durian season.
We will, through our Durian Lovers Club bring the durian eating experience to all areas across Asia in an affordable way. We have put together a team to discover and develop durian based products to make durian flavored items as common as strawberry flavor.
VIP members of our "VIP Member Farm Ownership" program will be invited annually to come and taste the different rare special durians found in different parts of Asia. Imagine eating the Volcano Durian of Thailand or the J-Queen Durian of Indonesia, or the Kura-Kura Durian of Malaysia.
Come and be a part of Durian Lovers Club. Come try our durians. All festivals will be announced through this site in our newsletter. Come join us. This Club is made for you. 

Durian Lovers Club created for those who love Durians and become a part of the great Durian Economy Ecosystem.  


Dear valued members. Now you can use your CCE Tokens to purchase our DURIAN LOVERS CLUB PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS. Package 1 Individual Pack --- 6,000 CCE Package 2 Family Pack for 4 --- 18,000 CCE Package 3 Party Pack for 8 --- 30,000 CCE Package 4 Micro Land Ownership 60,000 CCE Package 5 Member Farm Ownership 300,000 CCE All are welcome.. Rate can Change as market for CCE Tokens move. Price determine by Durian lovers club....

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