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Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity
Our opportunity!!!
Welcome to Durian Lovers Club!! With this plan, we offer Durian lovers a chance to participate in the growing Durian Economy Ecosystem. This 2019 season promises more great tasting events!! China has approved Malaysia to ship to China, whole durians in frozen form. This new addition is going to cause durian prices to spike. The locals may see increase in price of durian making the great tasting Musang King out of reach. On the other hand, we have seen increase in durian plantings in Malaysia, over the last 3 to 4 years. Production is just coming on line. Durian planting acreage has been increasing by 1000s of acres.
Come join us in this profitable enterprise. The Durian Economy Ecosystem is growing bigger. This business is not going to be obsolete because the potential is just so big.
How big is our market? In Malaysia, the Malays eat durians, the Chinese eat durians, and the Indian also eat durians. Only about 1% of Chinese in China has tasted durian now. Imagine we have 1 billion plus customers available. Add in the Indians in India, and the Indonesians. Now we have more that 2.5 billion potential customers in China, India and Indonesia. Come join our Durian Economy Ecosystem.
Come be a part of this growing business. You can choose to earn free durians or become a part of our great and profitable future. Be a casual durian lover earning free durian or a serious business person making great money.
What ever you choose Durian Lovers Club welcomes you.
Look at the potential for this durian business. It will never become obsolete. Never shortage of potential customers.  

  Come join us now!!! Become a member earn free durian or earn good income. You Choose. We just love durians and love to make it available to more people in more places. Be a part of this growing Durian Economy Ecosystem. Grow with us, earn with us, and be a part of the farm, the ecosystem and the future of Durians.

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