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About Us

About Us
Durian Lovers Club.
Welcome to Durian Lovers Club!! Our purpose is to promote the exotic durian fruit business. Our members can enjoy annual visits to durian plantations to participate in amazing eat-all-you-can events, as well as participate in multiple durian festivals held around Asia - experiencing the ultimate in sampling the wide varieties of this exotic durian fruit!
The club is supporting the farm owners by providing agri-consulting - helping farmers to maximize crop yields and crop quality. The club also works to facilitate durian farmers to move their durians throughout Asia.
No matter what your level of interest, Durian Lovers Club is the perfect gateway to earn, buy, sell, trade, share, and seek consulting - and always enjoying the exotic taste of durian together! PROMOTING DURIAN!!!!
The Club intends to take a direct position in the planting and wholesale process - acquiring land, planting high quality Musang King variety of durian, and selling it. We offer eat-all-you-can festivals and VIP member farm ownership program - where the member can enjoy free durians and enjoy a steady source of income for 20 years.
Durian Lovers Club also offers premium members access to a panel of durian agri-experts who are able to provide significant levels of expertise to those involved in the various areas of durian growing, harvesting, distribution, and use as a downstream product.  

  This special place give our Durian Lovers Club members a flexible way to earn and eat durians. It can also give you the opportunity to participate in the growing Durian Economy Ecosystem. Grow with us, earn with us, and be a part of the farm, the ecosystem and the future of Durians.

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