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1. How do I become a member?
Sign up and fill in your details accurately. Then buy a package to become a earning member. If you do not have a sponsor, use "durian" as your initial sponsor.
2. How do I join the festivals?
All you have to do is make a reservation and show up.
3. Can we buy the packages using ETH or Bitcoin?
Yes. We welcome ETH or BTC.
4. How many times can the vouchers be used?
Each voucher can be used only one time.
5. Are the vouchers transferable?
They are not transferable. But you can book on their behalf. Say you brother wants to use your voucher, you just make a booking using your ID. Then send us a email to confirm.
6. What kinds of Durians can we eat?
Each festival can have a different mix of Durians. When Musang King is in season you will be able to taste it. We try to offer the tastiest varieties.
7. Can we become a member at the festival?
Yes a limited number of open reservations will be available at each Festival on a first come first serve basis.
8. What is CCE?
CCE is the market place where durian suppliers can meet buyers directly. We want to use this ecosystem to increase distribution and popularize of durian consumption.
9. What is CCE tokens?
This is our listed token on Ecoinbank.cc token exchange and Fubt.com Exchange. You can sell your tokens there to earn more money as the value increase. We will list in an additional 8 exchanges within this year.
10. Why is Micro-land Ownership Package is only 5 years?
This is priced for ease of entry purpose.
11. Is the VIP Membership transferable?
Yes, both the Micro-land Ownership program the VIP Member Farm Ownership programs are transferable. A transfer fee of 10% will be charged.
12. How much returns can we expect?
Returns for the Micro-land ownership program and the VIP Member owned Farm Program are rewarded from the sale of our durian from the farms. Sales revenue are divided into three segments viz. administration fees, maintenance fees, and returns to members.
13. What are the benefits for buying the Micro-land ownership program?
You get free festival vouchers, eat free durians, and is protected from price fluctuation. You will also get $20.00 worth of CCE tokens each month for the next 5 years. They can be sold and converted to cash on the listed exchanges.
14. What are the benefits for buying the VIP Member Farm Ownership program?
Firstly, you will be invited to special and exotic durian tasting events. Secondly, we will pay you in CCE tokens a return of $20.00 each month in value. Thirdly, you will share in the revenue of the durian farms sales.
15. Where will these festivals be held and when?
It could be a a Shopping Mall or a public area or even a shop. We will make is easy for our members to come and enjoy Durians.
16. How to contact support?
Contact support@durianlovers.club We will answer you within 24-72 hours.

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